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Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturing, Packaging & Labeling

At Vita Pros we have over a decade of experience in the development, manufacture and launch of capsule, tablet and bulk powder supplements. Having a background rooted in the pharmaceutical industry, our primary focus at Vita Pros as a contract manufacturer and private labeler is on product quality and efficiency. This ensures end user safety and efficacy as well as creating the most value to your product, yielding you the highest returns and placing you in the most competitive position in the market when creating and manufacturing your product. We do this by selecting only the best raw ingredients and using only the best equipment available in the industry. This helps us control your product from formulation to packaging all while ensuring quality, safety and efficiency.

Vitamin Manufacturing
& Packaging Services

Product delivery forms include:
Tablets (all shapes and sizes)
Flavored chewable tablets
Orally disintegrating tablets
Delayed release/enteric coated tablets and capsules
Capsules (varying sizes, colors, and printing)
Capsule compositions including gelatin, vegetarian,
SLS-free, Kosher and Halal
Bulk powders

Product Development

Product development services include:
Ingredient defining a delivery system
Dosage efficacy & ingredient selection
Development and commercial manufacturing
Developing new & innovative products
Offering wide range of dosage forms
Delivery system consulting
Stability studies

Quality Assurance
& Control Services

Quality Assurance services include:
Thorough inspections
Step by step quality control
statistical trending
predictive process mapping
in process control tests
Risk mitigation & control
GMP standards & protocols