Quality Assurance:

  • At Vita Pros quality is our first priority. Thorough inspections are conducted from the moment raw materials arrive on site until the product is released by quality control.
  • All raw materials are inspected for key critical quality attributes from the moment they arrive at our site. Once released raw material data is entered into our data base to provide statistical trending and predictive process mapping. During the manufacturing process operators conduct regular in process control tests and input the information back into our database to trend and provide risk mitigation, control and to ensure the product stays within its product specification limits. Finished products are tested to your defined specifications and a Certificate of Analysis is provided with your shipment.
  • Once your product has been released by Quality Control it is prepared for shipment, then checked one final time before shipping.
  • We follow GMP standards and have protocols and procedures in place for all activities within our facility from raw material entry, dispensing, manufacture, cleaning and QA. All of these procedures are fully documented to ensure complete traceability for the complete life cycle of your product. We welcome your external auditors to make a site visit to review our days to day.