Manufacturing Services

  • Being a leader in the product development and contract manufacturing space, our industry experience is second to none. We can produce virtually any powder, tablet or capsule you require. We use the latest manufacturing equipment to produce high quality products quickly and efficiently.
  • Combining our experience with forward thinking production planning and advanced manufacturing technologies we can offer short turn around times of your product all while maintaining high quality standards and cost effectiveness.

Full Service Manufacturing

  • With quality standards rooted in the pharmaceutical industry, our manufacturing facility and procedures reflect years of quality-driven experience which allow us to deliver only the best product to you.

We provide:

  • Full documentation throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Finished product testing defined by your release criteria.
  • Robust cleaning procedures for all rooms and equipment.

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Product delivery forms include:
  • Tablets (all shapes and sizes)
  • Flavored chewable tablets
  • Orally disintegrating tablets
  • Delayed release/enteric coated tablets and capsules
  • Capsules (varying sizes, colors, and printing)
  • Capsule compositions including gelatin, vegetarian, SLS-free, Kosher and Halal
  • Bulk powders