VitaPros has a long history deeply rooted in both the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries, with a keen ability to develop and commercialize tablet, capsule, powder and pellet products.

After years of consulting in the nutraceutical space, it became apparent that there was a gap, which separated the quality standards of Nutritional products and Supplements from that of Pharmaceutical products. VitaPros goal was to bridge that gap, and deliver a higher level of quality to the Nutraceutical industry, by incorporating many of the principals from the Pharmaceutical world. By doing this VitaPros can offer product development and manufacturing of supplements to a higher standard, all while retaining the speed, flexibility and cost competitiveness necessary to succeed in the Nutraceutical world.

VitaPros consciously designed their facilities with flexibility in mind. This allows for the accommodation of a large range of batch sizes to suit customer needs. From small sample or feasibility runs to large-scale manufacture runs for established legacy products, which are already on the market today.

By early 2019, VitaPros will have two sites, Melbourne Florida and a newly built headquarters in Blaine Minnesota focusing on Research and Development, Manufacturing and Packaging.

VitaPros new site launch brings an unprecedented level of quality to Vitamin and Supplement manufacturing in the United States. To learn more about VitaPros contact today.